The Carnival, or “KARNAVÁLIA” as it is called in Cyprus, is one of the most important events in Cyprus and a great tradition for the Limassolians! It is related to the Dionysian Festivals of the classical antiquity, during which a contest was taking place amongst the three great tragedians of ancient Greece: Aeschylus, Euripides and Sophocles, where the actors wore masks during their performances in these plays. 

Nowadays, Carnival is a joyful and colorful event that attracts both young and old, locals and visitors, making Limassol the carnival center of Cyprus! The festivities begin on Shrove Thursday (TSIKNOPÉMPTI) with the entrance parade of King/Queen Carnival in Limassol town and last for ten days. During these 10-day festivities, various events are organized by the Limassol Municipality, such as open-air parties, children’s parades and serenades evenings, concluding with the Grand Carnival Parade.